The Platform for La Paz, Wonderful City has created with 3 objetives:

  1. Serve as support for the sale of the book written by Oscar M. Gutiérrez, which contains a description - according to the author - of what is the city of La Paz in Bolivia - South America, and how a visitor can get to know the city in a didactic way, entertaining and organized in the most important topics to highlight what makes La Paz a wonderful city. Buying the book is the committed way to support the growth and maintenance of this Web Platform, it is a way to promote tourism to Bolivia, in particular to the city of La Paz, and it is a way for those interested in traveling to La Paz to enjoy the enormous potential that this city has to offer.

  3. The second aspect is to provide information - as complete as possible - in a guide to everything that La Paz has as a city, you will find a list of hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment, useful reference when you visit the city for the first time or recurrently. Likewise, the website has a section of videos published by citizens on YouTube of music, movies and tourist attractions, properly selected to promote La Paz to the world. Many photographs of the author and his collaborators who intend to show their visitors, from different angles, the full potential of La Paz, Wonder City.

  5. Finally, we have created a program called Ambassadors for La Paz, Wonder City, an initiative of the author to encourage citizens from La Paz, Bolivia and foreigners in love with La Paz. This, in order to promote the city worldwide, take care of the city and work in new alternatives for its development.

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