Ambassadors for La Paz, Wonder City, an initiative of the author to encourage citizens from La Paz, Bolivia and foreigners in love with La Paz. This, in order to promote the city worldwide, take care of the city and work in new alternatives for its development.

From different angles and visions, what this Program intends to is to engage personalities of the country, citizens and non citizens of La Paz, to take the representation of our city, as Ambassadors, to any part of the world, promoting our potential as a city and as a society, showing its diversity and exalting its social and ethnic qualities to attract tourists, investors and pilgrims that will contribute to keep La Paz a Wonder an Wonderful City.

Ambassadors must become guardians to take care of our treasure, a wonderful city worthy of having representatives committed to it; as Ambassadors, teach the importance of tourists when they visit our country, the benefit they bring with their presence, the cordiality that we should all give towards them; Every Ambassador has to provide for the constant care of our heritage, extolling the value of its care as a country and as a legacy to our future generations; in conclusion, to establish educators and defenders of the value of La Paz, Wonder City.

In this Program age does not matter, we all apply with a single click, fill out the form and we will respond with your designation.

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